MMA Pound For Pound

MMA Pound For Pound is keywords for one thousand dollar MMA Forum contest.
The Contest was held on 18 December 2009, and will end up on 18 March 2010. Still doesnt know why using MMA Pound For Pound for the goal, what the real story about that words, but one thing we must know, the contest must using fresh / new keywords.
So here i come across the net, providing you information about this "mma pound for pound" MMA well known as Mixed Martial Arts, pound can refers to two definition, pound as weight, or pound as British currency (Poundsterling).

The Confused about pound must be cleared, so lets we decided, pound are for weight..Thats because the well known pound at MMA is more refer to weight than the currency.

So the full definition of MMA Pound For Pound is:
"Rank For The Mixed Martial Arts Fighter based on their body weight / Fighter Ranking"

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